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My goal as a podcast guest or speaker is to empower and inspire your audience with practical, actionable strategies for leveraging the power of video storytelling to create profound connections, inspire action, and elevate your higher education institution.

Possible podcast episode titles:


Set Up Your Own Video Studio: DIY Gear and Smartphone Techniques That Work
Suggested interview questions:
→ Can you walk us through setting up a simple but effective video studio at home or office?
→ What are some affordable gear that schools can invest in for in-house video production?

Authentic Storytelling: 3 Ways Video Can Make Your School Stand Out
Suggested interview questions:
→ Can you share some examples of how schools have used authentic storytelling in their videos?
→ What role does authenticity play in video marketing for educational institutions?

On a Budget? Discover the Most Practical and Cost-Effective Video Strategies Out There
Suggested interview questions:
→ What are your top tips for schools working with a tight video production budget?
→ How can schools get creative with video production without spending a fortune?

The Emotion Factor: How to Evoke Genuine Feelings in Your Videos
Suggested interview questions:
→ How do you approach evoking emotion in your videos, and why is it so important?
→ Can you give us an example of a video that successfully elicited strong emotional reactions?


Maximize Your Investment: Why Video Podcasts are the Winning Move
Suggested interview questions:
→ What are some ways schools can repurpose video podcast content for maximum impact
→ Where can someone start without having to invest a bunch of time and money in video podcasts? 


Redefine Your Next Fundraising Event: Using Video to Entertain, Inspire, and Vision Cast
Suggested interview questions:
→ Can you share some success stories of how video has been used at fundraising events?
→ How can videos help articulate the vision of a school at fundraising events?


Alumni Engagement and Fundraising: How One University Nailed It
Suggested interview questions:
→ Can you tell us more about the successful alumni engagement strategy used by that one university you mentioned?
→ How can schools leverage video content to inspire alumni to contribute and engage more?

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My Speaker Bio

Ryan Koral's journey, shaped significantly by his own higher education experience, has evolved into a dynamic career as a seasoned documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur with over 18 years in the industry. He brings the transformative power of his experiences to his work, showcasing the critical role of higher education through video and authentic storytelling. His passion for fostering lasting partnerships with clients helps craft narratives that inspire, spotlight legacies, and bolster institutional growth.

As a proud father of three, and with two decades of marriage under his belt, Ryan knows the value of relationships and stories in creating connections. His entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond his primary profession into his popular online membership, weekly podcast, and masterclass courses - all designed to equip others with the tools to succeed.

In Ryan, you'll find an engaging speaker with a wealth of practical experience, a deep-seated passion for storytelling, and an authentic readiness to inspire with humor and wisdom. But be warned: Dad jokes come as part of the package!





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