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How much time could you save in a month if there was an easy way to boost sales and convert prospects into clients?


Without clear and compelling video, you will…

❌ Miss out on connecting with your ideal client

❌ Waste time answering the same ole questions to not ideal fits

❌ Have a have a website that feels outdated

❌ Fail to connect on a human level immediately

❌ Sacrifice clear communication that sets your business apart

❌ Stunt the growth of your business


The 21-in-1 FAQ Video sales tool package gives your business 21 FAQ videos filmed in one hour, delivered in about 1 week.
You won’t have to sacrifice more time and energy answering the same questions or worrying about clarity or consistency in your message. You’ll have 21 professional-looking and sounding FAQ videos ready in about a week’s time to put on your website, send to clients, or share on your favorite platform.


Whether you’re a creator, business owner, or hiring manager, video gives you an effective way to share your message with the world.

When you're ready to...
Sell with ease using high-impact short videos as sales-boosting tools
Build trust faster with a suite of on-demand videos personalized for your message
Free up your time by not being on Zoom meetings with people reciting the same things over and over
Recruit the right team players by answering the most common questions with confidence and personality
Get professional video content that inspires people to action
Stand out in a saturated market 
Rest easy knowing you can have high-performing videos without hopping on the latest creative trend or trying to be someone else on camera.

Let’s get your message to convert like crazy and turn lukewarm prospects into raving fans by harnessing the brand-boosting power of short videos.

Let's do this!!

Compelling videos that articulate your brand message while...

Educating your ideal clients

Master your message and build trust with your customers

Recruiting more employees

Draw the top performers to your brand

Standing out from the crowd

Videos that work while you sleep

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These videos have been the best pre-sale tool that I've invested in to date. I've already landed 2 clients who have directly commented on these videos as a way to make their decision easier.

Inspiring a prospect is a critical part of the sales process. These videos help inspire them while building credibility all without having to spend a single moment of my time!

-Mark Ostach, Author & Speaker


Being able to share our hiring video saves us a ton of time explaining our culture to candidates and getting them excited about what a future at Continental could look like. There are a handful of things that every candidate wants to know and this helps us give them the information quickly and messages it with a consistent level of enthusiasm every time.

-Heather Krentler, Chief Administrative Officer at Continental


I get asked regularly, "What do you do?" Having a video FAQ that can follow up an explanation has cemented clarity, simplicity and the value of what we do.

This translates not to more prospects, but more conversions of the right fit prospects to right fit clients. The best part is we begin our journey together with clear understanding and expectations. This sets us all up for happiness.

-Preston True, GetTPAFit Founder

See how our clients are using these videos (and winning!)

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The Easiest Way to Reach Your Audience

21 videos with a laser-focused message


With our 21-in-1 package, you’ll get…

  • Up to 60 minutes of filming at Tell Studio
  • Professional staff guiding you through the process
  • Up to 21 short videos that can be used across platforms (addressing your clients’ questions)
  • Two sizing options to use on your favorite social platform (horizontal and vertical)
  • One round of professional edits. No need to waste time editing your own video.

How the 21-in-1 Video Package Works

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I create FAQ videos for my business?
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Do I need to have my lines memorized?

Can I use these on social media?
What format will my videos be in?
When will I get my final videos?
What if I stumble over my words or mess up during recording?
What should I wear?

I’m ready - how do I book my FAQ video shoot?
I’m booked - how do I show up prepared?
Can I use a teleprompter?
Can I bring in props?
Do you have a referral program?

The Easiest Way to Create Videos for Your Business

We take care of the hard stuff, so you can get back to doing what you do best: 

Growing your business.

  • You’ll get the initial videos within a week
  • Final delivery: one week after feedback
  • Total investment: $2500 due at the time of booking


Ready to reach your audience with powerful short videos?

If you want a video package that does the hard work of clarifying your message and boosting sales, then book your 21-in-1 video session now.


Land your next client with our easy-to-replicate video template!

(without needing to be a video editing expert).