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Courage in the Making:
A Susan McLeary Portrait


The Client's Needs

Susan McLeary is the owner of Passionflower, a floral design studio, where she creates unique and beautiful floral arrangements for events and editorial photography. She is an artist who pushes the limits of floral design, and has a huge following of her art and work on Instagram.

We got to know Susan through a portrait piece we created about her as an artist, called “Courage in the Making” (shown above). It’s always amazing when we get to step into someone else’s life, share their story, and get an intimate look at what goes into their work.

As we worked on this piece, we also found out that Susan also taught floral design techniques through workshops at her studio, and around the country.

She had a desire to travel less, but still grow her audience and income. She also wanted to sell her workshops online, but knew the process could take a lot more time in her already-packed schedule.

The Process

We came alongside Susan with a plan to get her workshops online. She would teach for a couple days while we filmed, and we would take care of all the behind the scenes work – editing, setting up online, marketing, and even growing her email list to increase sales.

The first thing we did was to ask TONS of questions, and become familiar with Susan’s process and approach. We ran surveys to find the specific needs of her audience and did market research to determine pricing.

Next, we filmed and produced three high-quality online tutorials, and set them up on a course platform online for her. We built a store website that shared her story and expertise and it allowed people to get free training as well as purchase her digital products.

Finally, we built email campaigns and automations for each tutorial, a system to grow her email list, and Facebook ad campaigns to promote the tutorials.



Susan is an amazing artist and teacher, and her ideas were just waiting to be shared with the world. She now has a complete process to share her workshops and grow her audience, and her sales have grown like crazy too.

During our first year working with Susan, her email list grew from 300 to 10,000 (!) We also produced several more high-level tutorials, and she currently has over a dozen (so far).

Susan continues to teach workshops in person, but is able to choose the events she wants to attend, and travel when she wants to.

Susan’s income was greatly increased by her online revenue – she dreamed of making $50k, and was blown away by earning revenue that first year of over $200,000!

Our partnership with Susan has grown even stronger over time. We continue produce more of her much sought-after courses, and explore ways to generate even more revenue with the courses she has already created.



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