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The Idea

The spread of vaccine preventable diseases are on the rise and Michigan is no exception. In order to prevent the re-introduction of formerly eradicated diseases as well as prevent current threats, something needed to be done to increase childhood vaccination rates.

In partnership with the Franny Strong Foundation (whose founder’s daughter died of whooping cough at 3 months old) Lansing-based PR agency, Martin Waymire needed a video partner who could deliver on emotion with a video aimed at healthcare providers to reinforce the importance of their role in this effort, and give them tools and best practices on having these difficult conversations with vaccine-hesitant parents.


The Goal

We needed to position this video in a sensitive way. We wanted to the messaging to be understanding and supportive, as opposed to the approach of doctors who choose to ban patients from their practices if they don’t vaccinate. At the same time, we needed to encourage deeper conversations surrounding this difficult issue and introduce the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit: an essential tool for more successful interactions with vaccine-hesitant parents.


The Process

Tell Studios hosted a 2-hour workshop bringing all partners on this project together to develop this video need into a compelling concept and an actionable plan.

The team came in knowing only that video was going to be a key component in this campaign but not how to articulate what that video should look like or be about. By the end of the workshop, everyone involved was able to envision this piece both visually and with respect to messaging. All parties left the table energized and confident we had a plan that was going to influence vaccination rates in a positive direction.

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The first draft of the video elicited “tears and chills” from the Martin Waymire team and the subsequent final version has been implemented as the main tool for leading providers to the Provider Toolkit where they can go more in depth about these best practices. Because the content gathered during the production of the video was so powerful, it was also used to craft additional support videos for the Provider Toolkit.

Following the success of that video, Tell Studios and Martin Waymire have gone on to partner on another major state-wide campaign related to Michigan’s controversial No-Fault auto insurance policies.

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Video Poster Image


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