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Using Video to Tell Your Brand's Story

Jan 30, 2023
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Your story.

In the world of business, your story is your biggest asset. There’s nothing quite like that “a-ha!’ moment when you realize you have a truly great idea and are ready to take the leap to build your business and serve your audience in a way that nobody else can. Sure, someone else may have a similar idea, but your idea is unique because it’s uniquely YOU. Your style, your vision, your passion, your experience, and your one-of-a-kind voice. That's your business story and that's why you need to live it out loud for others to hear, and video is the best way to do precisely that.

Making Waves With Video Storytelling

Who are you? How do you serve people? What do you love about your work? What was the light bulb moment when you realized this was what you wanted to do? How do you do it differently from everyone else? The answers to questions like these may seem straightforward - largely because they are - but these are your differentiator. No one else has the answers to these questions but you, and they set you apart in a sea of noise where everyone is trying to stop your potential customers from scrolling their devices and grab their fleeting attention.  

Anyone can click on the "About Us" page on your website and learn facts about your company. You need to level up beyond facts using video storytelling to speak to the heart. Neuroscience shows us that the best way to inspire, capture attention and motivate audiences is through story because it incorporates all the senses and helps us feel “all the feels”.

You need to "show, not tell" your story in stunning and intimate live-action. If you want to tell the story of one of your products, don't just put up a spec sheet online or a video of a PowerPoint presentation with bullet points and call it a day. Show someone using it in real-life and let people see how your product or service solved their problem in a way only you can. Great video storytelling is the difference between an oscar winning film and a late-night infomercial.

At the heart of successful brand storytelling is the ability to evoke emotion in viewers. By creating stories that are both meaningful and entertaining, brands can create an emotional connection with their ideal customer and welcome them into their community. Through sharing your brand story, you can leave a lasting impression on viewers that is like a relationship-building conversation over coffee and not the business card pusher embarrassing themselves at the last conference you attended. 

Brand storytelling is the best way to ditch average marketing and create video with soul that will have your clients leaning in, engaging, and connecting with you. With the right strategy and creative content, you can use video to tell your story to build relationships with your audiences in a way you never thought was possible.  

Tell Studios: We Bring Your Story to Life

At Tell Studios, for over 18 years we’ve been helping clients articulate their stories with creative ideas that capture the heart. You're someone worth paying attention to, which is why we want to help you tell your story in a way that connects with people and makes them realize that you're more than just a business. 

Let’s chat to find out more information and get you a finished product that will engage, entertain and inspire your audience to become your biggest fans! We want to support you through the entire process and bring your creative ideas to life.

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