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Journey to Triumph: Clark Hill's Award-Winning Re-Branding Campaign

This is how we crafted compelling videos that vividly showcased and amplified the rebrand of one of the nation's leading law firms, driving vast engagement and clinching industry accolades.



Enter the world of Clark Hill: a dynamic international team of legal advisors with a singular mission - to drive transformative growth for businesses. With a sprawling presence across 27 global offices and a formidable team of over 700 attorneys, Clark Hill stood at a pivotal juncture. Their challenge? To craft a brand message that resonated with their rich culture and showcased their revamped, sleek brand identity. The answer? Video, and a partnership with Tell Studios.

The Challenge

Rapid growth and expansion brought Clark Hill to a unique challenge: How to unify the diverse narratives of its expansive team into a cohesive brand story? The complexities of the COVID-19 era further underscored the need for a solution that transcended geographical boundaries, echoing the unified voice and values of Clark Hill's global family.

The Solution

Teaming up with Tell Studios proved transformative. Together, they birthed a series of videos, each narrating a distinct facet of Clark Hill's rebranding journey. From brand announcements to heartfelt testimonials and industry-specific spotlights, every video was a mosaic piece of Clark Hill's renewed identity. The process was marked by collaboration, warmth, and a commitment to ensuring every attorney felt seen, heard, and valued.

The Results

The numbers were nothing short of spectacular:
- A staggering 500,000 views in year one, soaring to 750,000 by year two. 📈
- Social media reach catapulted from 7 million to a jaw-dropping 12 million, with engagement rates skyrocketing by 69%. 🤯
- But the crowning glory? Clark Hill clinched the Best Marketing Campaign award at the 2023 International Management Excellence Awards. 🏆

"Clark Hill was a standout in this category. Their 'Simply Smarter' rebrand and engagement campaign was a masterclass in strategic brand deployment, reflecting the very DNA of the firm's people."

Beyond accolades, the campaign enriched Clark Hill internally:

1️⃣ Attorneys radiated with renewed confidence, poised to engage with clients.
2️⃣ The videos served as conduits, expanding the client base.
3️⃣ A palpable sense of pride and morale upliftment resonated within the Clark Hill community.


Clark Hill's collaboration with Tell Studios wasn't just about creating videos; it was about weaving a narrative of transformation, connection, and legacy.

Ready to embark on a similar transformative journey for your brand? Dive into the videos that charted Clark Hill's metamorphosis below👇.


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