Surprise, no surprise- 2023 was listed as the year of video, eh-hem, as was the past four years before it, and there are no signs of slowing down.

Studies show:

There’s no doubt that brand video marketing is effective, but not all video is created equal 💯 

Putting out the wrong content can be worse than no video at all. 😬

AND… that’s where we show up together.

You, as the brand expert, and us, as your video marketing sherpa to help you do video better in 2023.

We are going all-out to share proven tactics, tools, and tips to add a lil’ soul seasoning to what you’ve got cookin’ for your video marketing strategy.

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Hey, friend.

I’m so glad you’re here.

As someone who has been working in video production for the past 18 years helping businesses tell their story and connect with their ideal clients, I know firsthand the amount of time and energy that goes into coming up with the “perfect” video idea and what it takes to execute it... which is why most businesses cringe when they realize they need a video for their newest campaign, and they’re going to have to go through the video creation process again.

That's why I'm creating these resources to help you avoid that headache and maximize your time and energy creating effective video that makes an impact on your clients and your bottom-line!